Miso Fifa Replacement Mesh Coil 1.2Ω (Pack of 5)

MisoSKU: JWNBR0186X0356

Sale price£12.99


For use for the Miso Fifa Atomizer and the Miso Fifa Refillable Pod Kit, the Miso Fifa Mesh Coils offer a 1.2 coil resistance that creates both thick vapours as well as smooth flavouring when altogether used when the Fifa Atomizer and Pod Kit. It will support all your MTL vaping needs that more closely emulates tobacco cigarettes which for ex-smokers looking to transition into vaping, is commonly cited as the preferred option. The Miso Fifa Mesh Coils come in a pack of 5.

Miso Fifa Mesh Coil Specifications:

  • Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Premium Quality Mesh Coils
  • Thick Vapour Production
  • Smooth Flavouring
  • Supports MTL Vaping
  • For The Miso Fifa Atomizer Only
  • 5 Coils Per Pack

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