5mg Tens Salts 10ml Nic Salts (50VG/50PG) - (Full Box) Pack Of 10

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Bringing their range of superbly crafted flavours made to offer all day vaping experiences, these 10ml Tens Salts offers a truly mouth-watering range of various flavourful blends that includes all kinds of fruits, sweets and desserts to each deliver lasting tastes to satisfy even the most hardcore of vapers. All flavours under this range are available in 5mg nicotine strength so both experienced and starter vapers to experience any flavour they choose.

Like most usual nic salts, these 10ml Tens Salt e-liquids are mixed at a balanced 50VG/50PG make them perfect for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping where with such devices and kits, each flavour can give vapers higher strengths of nicotine faster and stronger than traditional nicotine formulas. On the balance, they are also less harsh on the throat for a smoother vaping experience and are often preferred by those looking to quit and fight nicotine cravings.

Each flavour of the Tens Salts range each come in a dispenser box of 10.

- Made In The UK

- 5mg Nicotine Salt

- 10ml Bottle

- 50VG/50PG

- Ideal for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping, Pods & Starter Kits

- Childproof Cap & Tamper Evident Seal

- Recyclable Bottle & Box

- TPD Compliant

Blue Cotton Candy
A true flavour of the funfair, this candy floss is made with flavoured sugars which really bring out a lovely and sweet blueberry and raspberry. Close your eyes and raspberry. Close your eyes and reminisce in all the fun of the fair. No food colouring required here.

Grape Crush
We've all had grape soda, many have had a grape slush so we decided to throw it all into the crusher! the results were amazing so Tens present you with Grape Crush! Two types of grape are better than one! A nice crushed ice chilly grape flavour.

Ice Raz Slush
Who doesn't love a blue slush? I know we all do! As a treat Tens have added a few shots of raspberry syrup into the machine with this one. A moreish flavour with a proven track record and as always that icy kick!

Key Lime Cookie Butter
The name says it all, the type of luscious buttery cookie treat you would find in an artisan delicatessen. Don't mistake this for your run of the mill biscuit. Only the best ingredients have gone into this mix and they came out of the oven perfectly baked, the key lime is divine.

Kiwi Passion Guava Ice
Slightly Tart but sweet kiwi, exotic passionfruit, floral guava and a nice cool level of ice make this a go to daily vape kind of flavour which has proven popular for quite a while in the vape industry. Kiwi Passion Guava Ice from tens will not disappoint.

Pink Lemonade
Refreshing Pink Lemonade just like it's been made at home. A nice sharp tangy lemonade blended together with a punnet of plump ripe strawberries and a few cubes of ice. It's not only a summer thing, just imagine the beach, the sunshine and the waves.

Quarter Fruit Chill
Four fruits that compliment each other unbelievably well! Succulent honeydew, elegant blackcurrants, tangy grapefruit and a really pleasing kiwi all in perfect quantities with the perfect amount of chill. This is one of those flavours you need to vape to appreciate. A hit with the chilled fruit lovers.

Rhubarb Crumble
Lip puckering rhubarb but not in the tart way, sweetened and cooked to perfection to make a soft base. Topped off with a thick layer of the nicest sweet and buttery crumble you could imagine. An amazing dessert that can you vape your heart's content without worrying about the calories.

Strawberry Kiwi
Rather than just the usual strawberry kiwi mix Tens has opted for a strawberry jelly with this one, imagine mixing your strawberry jelly and dropping in some chunky slices of a fresh delicious kiwi. No waiting for it to set in this form, it's ready to serve without the fridge.

Triple Mint
Decisions, decisions, Tens has made them for you. Triple Mint has the best of all worlds. A refreshing strong menthol base mint, peppermint to add a warm edge and finally a really sweet spearmint to add the soft but undeniable flavour it is. A triple flavour that's a triple hit! A winner for the menthol lovers out there.

Watermelon Chill
Sweet, juicy and refreshing watermelon, a pepo with a nice chilled hit a little like a slushie, one of those flavours where the name of the flavour speaks for itself. No fancy description required. A worthy addition to the Tens range.

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