An Introduction To Pod-Based Vaping

Ever since pod-based vaping systems hit the scene a few years ago, vaping has become more convenient and accessible than ever before. Pod vapes, also known as pod mods, are ultra-portable, user-friendly devices that utilize pre-filled or refillable pod cartridges to deliver a satisfying vape experience. If you're tired of the fuss of building coils and filling tanks, pod vapes might just be what you've been searching for.

What Are Pod-Based Vape Systems and Where Did They Come From?

Pod vapes first hit the market around 2015 by Pax Labs and were initially aimed at smokers looking for an easy entry into vaping. Their small size, simple operation, and cigarette-like throat hit made them an appealing option for beginners.

Pod vapes have advanced rapidly, with new models offering improved battery life, more power, and refillable pods in a variety of styles. They've become widely available online and in stores.

To use a pod vape, you simply charge the battery, snap in a pod, and start puffing. Top-fill pods have a fill port so you can add your e-liquid, while replacement pods come pre-filled so you just swap in a new pod. Popular pod vape brands include ELFA Pro, SMOK, and Aspire, with options for both nicotine salt and e-liquids

Whether you're just quitting smoking or are an experienced vaper looking for a compact device, pod vapes offer a simple, satisfying vaping experience in a pocket-friendly format. Check out some of the top brands and find a model that suits your needs.

How to Use Pod Vapes - A Tutorial for Top-Fill and Replacement Pods

Once you have your pod vape, it’s time to get started. Pod vapes come in three styles - top-fill pods you refill yourself and pre-filled pods you replace. Here’s how to use both:

Top/Side Fill Pods

To refill a top-fill pod, locate the fill port or rubber stopper on the top or side of the pod. Use a bottle with a narrow tip to add your e-liquid through the fill port, filling until the liquid reaches the “Max” line. Let the pod sit for 5-10 minutes so the cotton can absorb the liquid, then reattach the pod to your battery and start vaping. Then simply replace the pod once you wish to change E-liquids or if the coil has burnt out. Examples of this type of pod vape are the Aspire Cyber X or Innokin Sceptre 2.

Replacement Pods

With pre-filled pods, using your device is even easier. Simply remove the used pod and attach a new pre-filled pod. Most pods will last around a few days of moderate vaping before needing replacement. Look for pods in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours to find what suits you best. An example of this is the new ELFA Pro pod systems and SKE plus pod systems.

Pod vapes offer a simple but satisfying vape experience for smokers looking to make the switch to vaping or vapers wanting an easy on-the-go device. With a little practice refilling or replacing the pods, you'll get the hang of it in no time, and then be on your way while enjoying your new pod vape!

Replacement Pods With External Coils

Similar to a traditional kit, some pod-based systems come with a replaceable coil, but take a more user-friendly approach. Simply eject the pod, and remove the base, which may vary depending on manufacturers. Remove the coil and place it in the new one. If you're using a new liquid it is recommended to replace the pod itself as well to avoid contamination or ruining of the new e-liquid flavour. 

Recommendations for New and Experienced Vapers

The pod vape market has exploded in recent years, with many excellent options for both new and experienced vapers. Here are some of the top brands and recommendations to get you started.


Vaporesso is a premium brand vape manufacturer that offers pod-based vapes catering to a more veteran vaping audience. Their products are designed with fashionable and unique styles that express each user's individuality. Vaporesso's pod-based vapes are refillable and can be filled with conventional freebase nicotine liquid or nicotine salts with varying levels of nicotine. These features make Vaporesso's pod-based vapes more customizable and advanced than other pod-based systems, making them more suitable for experienced vapers.


Smok is a popular vape company that makes both pod devices and box mods. Their Nord lines are great for new vapers, with easy top-fill designs and mesh coils that provide lots of flavour and vapour. With a wide array of colourways, Smoke is also great for those who seek to express themselves.


Aspire is another reputable brand with high-quality pod vapes like the Breeze and Cyber series. They are simple to use, affordable and have longer battery life than most. With various unique design styles and specifications to cater to most vaper's needs. Their pod vapes work well for transitioning from smoking, but may not produce the volume of vapour that more experienced vapers prefer.


VooPoo is a leading vape brand that offers advanced technology and sleek designs for vapers of all levels. Their pod-based vapes cater to a more veteran vaping audience with their high-performance hardware and accessories. The VooPoo Argus and Drag series are two of their most popular pod-based vapes. The Drag E60 is a high-wattage pod vape that is compact and easy to carry in a pocket. The Argus G is a portable and compact pod vape with a pocket-friendly design, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping. Both devices feature refillable pods and push-to-fit coil systems, making them easy to use for beginners, and providing excellent performers for established vapers.


To swiftly wrap this up so you can enjoy what pod-based vaping offers. A convenient and satisfying experience for both new and seasoned vapers. The simplicity of the devices combined with the variety of flavours now available means there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to make the switch from smoking or just want an easy, low-key vape setup, pod mods have you covered. The next time you’re in the market for a new vape, do yourself a favour and check out what pod systems have to offer.